Sector Focus


Navitas’s activities have been focused up to now on the renewable energy space, and specifically solar photovoltaic PV through its shareholding in Kabi Solar. In solar PV, Navitas has been actively involved in all aspects of the value chain

  • Site identification
  • Contract negotiation
  • Development activities
  • Financing
  • Bid preparation

Its partnership with Solarpack Corporacion Tecnologica SA (Solarpack) also gives it access to a proven track record of development, EPC, O&M and asset management for its own projects and third-party clients in a large number of global jurisdictions. Of particular relevance is Solarpack’s experience in structuring PPAs for mining companies in Chile which we believe will become an increasing business sector in South Africa.

Through this partnership, Kabi Solar has established a project pipeline of more than 700 MW predominantly in the NW Province.

Navitas is also investigating opportunities to identify and invest in other cleaner energy sector opportunities including wind and gas.

Energy/water/food nexus

Navitas recognizes that interventions to address the anthropogenic effects of climate change will give rise to opportunities in the water and food security sectors. Navitas is looking to establish partnerships in these sectors to identify transversal opportunities across these sectors